February 21, 2014

Red Fog - Citadel Of Tephra

My last album tittled Citadel Of Tephra is finally released on Arecibo Records. Deeply inspired by a trip I made into the fascinating isolated & surreal grounds of Iceland, the album explores foggy & blurred aural landscapes, punctuated by all kind of peculiar textures.

Available to buy here: Citadel Of Tephra

February 6, 2014

Cryogenic Weekend - Embracing Arctic Waters

Cryogenic Weekend is a sublimely deep & dark project from drone artists Dronny Darko & Oil Texture. Combining their strengths with a long distance collaboration, they have created here a bottomless icy album, very rich in complex drones along with subtle textures nicely drown into the void.

Available for download here: Embracing Arctic Waters

December 10, 2013

Stan Magendanz - KafkaEsque

Buried under the ashes of the defunct TZP Drone Company label, KafkaEsque is a near 1 hour deep & chill drone piece in which the elements are sparingly evolving at a very slow pace, soaking the listener into a strange hypnotic sedative state.

Available for download here: KafkaEsque  

December 3, 2013

Chris Gunn - Inner Universe

An ethereal excursion into the deep black space. Forget the stars, there's none. Drifting away isolated in a space capsule, this is probably the last soundscapes that could be heard before being engulfed into a black hole.

Available for download here: Inner Universe

May 28, 2013

Submersion - Still

A soundscape collage emerging from a foggy discolored abyss, this Submersion album is a vaporous & intriguing descent at a slow pace into a strange drone estate. Submersion is using here some scattered pulsing tones and sparse electrical noises & gliches like paint splatters over an immense dark canvas. Released on the Rain neltlabel.

Available for download here: Still

April 25, 2013

Red Fog - Zone Of Avoidance

My new album Zone Of Avoidance is now finished and finally released on the great label DNA Production. An hazy 60 minutes that will completely submerge the listener into a microcosmos of pure drone ambient.

Available for download / to buy here: Zone Of Avoidance

April 2, 2013

Turmoil - The World Is A Toilet

We are creeping into soundscape territories here, with this strange & unsettling release. Concocted with fragments of post-apocalyptic ambiances, abstract sounds and unrecognizable noises, this very atmospheric album could easily be the hypnotic soundtrack of a vast derelict world. Released on the Portuguese label Enough Records.

Available for download here: The World Is A Toilet